Reading Group Sets

We have a range of sets of books especially for reading groups to borrow. There are over thirty titles to choose from, from thrillers and detection to romance. The average is 10 books per set.

Reading Group Sets

To borrow a reading group set of books, your group will have to register as a Group Member of the library. A member of the group needs to act as guarantor. There is no charge for joining the library service and being the guarantor of a reading group.


You can find more information on joining the library in our Joining & Membership section.


Have a look at the sets available:


Stornoway Library Open Reading Group


The Stornoway Library Open Reading Group is a reading group in which members may never even meet. Sets of books are regularly displayed on the special reading group stand.


Each book has a review card inside and readers are encouraged to fill them in. When the books – and the cards – are returned, the reviews are displayed on the reading group noticeboard for all to see. There is no registration- any member of the library is welcome to take part!