Dyslexia Friendly


The result of a unique brain development, dyslexia means some people see the world differently from others. Generally, people with dyslexia perform well verbally, but can find reading, writing and spelling difficult, as well as processing information and organising their work.

Our dyslexia-friendly books are specifically designed to support adults and children engage with books and discover the joy of reading with accessible materials.

Dyslexia Friendly

Our books for reluctant young readers have an orange sticker displayed on the spine.

These books are hi lo (high interest, low ability), meaning the content is appropriate to the age of the reader but the text is edited to suit a lower reading age.

Look out for the spine sticker!

Dyslexia Friendly Children's Books

Dyslexia Friendly Young Adult Books

Dyslexia Friendly Adult Books


We also have a collection of dyslexia friendly books for adults. These are known as the Clarity Books. They are printed in a large text size, using a specific font, ink colour and paper stock colour – all of which have been proven to promote easier reading.

Health Information


At some point in our lives, we may all be faced with an issue or concern that affects our health or well-being. It can be a worrying and isolating time, but having easy access to health information, and gaining a greater understanding of the condition, can make all the difference.




Dr You is a collection aimed at supporting you to take more control of your health and well-being, by offering a wide range of books on health and medical issues, all available through your local public and mobile library.


The books provide advice on a range of common conditions to help you better understand your health. Some titles include information to help you cope with daily issues such as stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.
We have an extensive collection, including titles for children, young people and families, so do visit us to find out more.


Please note that the Dr You books do not offer or replace a doctor-patient relationship or consultation. Should your reading not provide the answers or support you need, you can seek further advice from your doctor or other medical professionals.