Events & News

Welcome to the events & news page for Western Isles Libraries! We are excited to offer events and activities for all ages and interests, taking place at our four library locations: Castlebay, Lionacleit, Stornoway and Tarbert. From author talks and book clubs to arts and crafts workshops and children's storytelling sessions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Browse our events to find out what's happening near you, and join us for some fun and learning at your local library.

New Opening Hours at Lionacleit Library, from 22nd January 2024

Revised Opening Hours for Lionacleit Library
(effective from Monday 22nd January 2024)

Monday: 10am - 1pm
Tuesday: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 1pm
Thursday: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 4pm
Friday: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 3.30pm

Bookbug Sessions dates 2024

Here are dates for Bookbug sessions in Western Isles Libraries:

Bookbug FB 2024 SY.png

Stornoway Library
Thursday 25th April, 11am - Gaelic session with Thig a Chluich
Wednesday 15th May, 11am - English/ Makaton (Bookbug Week)
Thursday 23rd May, 11am - Gaelic session with Thig a Chluich
Wednesday 6th June, 11am - English
Thursday 20th June, 11am - Gaelic session with Thig a Chluich

Having Gaelic is not necessary to come to Gaelic sessions. The Thig a Chluich team is very welcoming.

Bookbug FB 2024 LT.png

Lionacleit Library
Saturday 27th January, 11.30am
Saturday 24th February, 11.30am
Saturday 23rd March, 11.30am
Saturday 27th April, 11.30am

Bookbug FB 2024 TT.png

Tarbert Library
Monday 29th January, 10.30am
Monday 26th February, 10.30am
Monday 25th March, 10.30am
Monday 29th April, 10.30am
Monday 27th May, 10.30am
Monday 24th June, 10.30am

Tarbert Library is reopening - November 2023

We have the pleasure to announce that Tarbert Library is now open to the public! 🥳🤩🥳🤩

The opening hours are:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm
Saturday 10am-1pm